“California is the world’s fifth richest economy. There are 157 billionaires here who pay almost nothing in taxes. There is no excuse for why New York spends $29k per pupil while we spend $16.5k. It’s time to tax the great wealth in this state and re-invest in our children!”

– Jackie Goldberg

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December 2021 Curriculum and Instruction Committee

Topic Focus: Ethnic Studies Background: In August 2020, the LAUSD Board passed a Resolution to expand Ethnic Studies classes at all grade levels throughout the District. This measure, meant to fortify ongoing work toward greater racial justice and equity, established a […]

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October 2021 Curriculum and Instruction Committee

Topic Focus: Continuation Schools Background: There are 42 continuation schools in LAUSD.  These are small campuses with low student-to-teacher ratios that offer instruction to students, ages 16 and 18, who may be at risk of dropping out due to academic […]

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September 2021 Curriculum and Instruction Committee

Topic Focus: Early Childhood Education Background: Early childhood education provides a solid foundation for our children’s future development and promotes lifelong learning and social development. This month the Curriculum and Instruction Committee invited experts and practitioners to look at best […]

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