August 2021 Curriculum and Instruction Committee

Topic Focus: Four Board Goals with schools that are implementing successful initiatives to support our Board Goals.

The Four Board Goals are:

  1. Postsecondary—College and career readiness will increase from 46.7% in June 2019 to 70% by June 2026.
  2. Literacy—Move third-grade students, on average, 30 points closer to proficiency on Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) ELA from 2019 to 2026.
  3. Numeracy—Improve Algebra I pass rates moving students, on average, 50 points closer to proficiency on SBA math from 2019 to 2026 in Grades 3-8.
  4. Social-Emotional/Wellness— The percentage of students in transitional years (Kindergarten, 5th/6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade) demonstrating mastery in the social-emotional competency areas of growth mindset, self-efficacy, self-management, and social awareness as demonstrated by a portfolio rubric will increase from the June 2022 baseline by 50% by June 2026.

Key Ideas Presented

  • Ascot Avenue Elementary Champions empower all students through a commitment to equity and synergy, inspiring confident leaders. The school’s focus is on Social Emotional Learning to support all students and prepare them to reach high levels of achievement. One example is the Local District Central Student Voice Unit which provided a forum for student leadership during the pandemic. The school’s approach has had demonstrated success helping students overcome challenges, insecurities, obstacles, failures, rejection, bullying, and negativity, while promoting well being
  • Noble Elementary, a large K-5 school located in North Hills, has shown significant achievement gains through its approach. Among the components are a commitment to the Early Language and Literacy Academy, set progress monitoring cycle for BB/WBB students, data analysis cycles and planning for implementation, and celebrating student growth on DIBELS assessment.
  • Fleming Middle School and Wilmington STEAM Magnet have ushered in progress with DARTS: Diagnostic (weekly formative assessment with school-wide disaggregated data); Assessment (benchmark assessments); Rescue Assignment (targeted practice based on the diagnostic questions); Translations (math phrases translated from English into mathematical symbols); Story Problem (weekly word problem). This work is data-driven and includes coaching support, teacher collaboration, initial diagnostic and baseline data, and weekly progress monitoring. Emphasis is on building a math mindset among students. Leaders identified next steps as a monthly collaboration goal to expand further in Local District South and to build a mindset towards success in Algebra 1 and beyond.

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