Jackie and Her Staff Hold First Set of Community Meetings

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Jackie and her staff concluded a first round of community meetings this week throughout Board District 5. Over 295 parents, students, teachers, principals, and LAUSD administrators attended the meetings, which took place at Marshall High School, Gage Middle School, Walnut Park Middle School, and Sotomayor Learning Academies. LAUSD Board President Dr. Richard Vladovic, California Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer, and LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner also visited the meetings.

Jackie greeted attendees at the welcome table at all four of the meetings and made herself available for comments and questions. The meetings were structured to allow the audience to engage with Jackie through questions and answers and by sharing what they love about their schools and what they would want to see improved.

Audience members voiced their thoughts on special education, technology in schools, integrating more art in classrooms, Ethnic Studies, and actions our schools can take to safeguard the environment. Jackie also reminded the crowd about the importance of being civically engaged and visiting their elected officials to advocate for more resources for public education.

We plan to host additional community meetings in the coming months. The next series of meetings will focus primarily on how parents can be more involved in the District’s budget process. We look forward to seeing you there!