Jackie Pulls the Plug on Yelp-Like 5-Star Rating System for LAUSD Schools

LAUSD has pulled the plug on a plan to rate schools on a 1 to 5 star scale thanks to a resolution brought forward by Jackie at the Board’s November 5, 2019 meeting. Jackie worked to stop the rating system because school ratings promote unhealthy competition between schools, exacerbate community antagonisms by producing artificial “winners” and “losers”, and penalize schools that serve socio-economically disadvantaged student populations. In addition, research indicates that online school performance ratings exacerbate economic and social segregation, accelerating divergences in housing values, income distributions, education levels, and the racial and ethnic composition of communities.

Instead of being told what metrics are most important through a rating system that prioritized some types of data over others, Jackie’s resolution will allow parents and families to make their own decisions about their students’ schools by assessing various types of data for themselves on the District’s website. Jackie also always encourages parents and families to visit schools because no amount of data can ever fully capture the dedication of a school community to its students.

Jackie’s resolution, entitled Ensuring Support for Students at All LAUSD Schools, passed with a 6-1 vote.